Sometimes, technology change can be a real pain. Large scale initiatives that involve people and process change are often critical important. It's disheartening when a change in technology undermines those efforts. With that in mind, I've written an whitepaper on how to approach technology change. Here is the executive summary.

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This eBook is important for any executive considering the purchase and adoption of a technology solution. If the organization cannot effectively transition to the new technology, then it will not be enabled for new initiatives or strategies.


Business Initiatives act as a means for companies to react to changes in their business environments. They are critically important to the success or failure in the market. Technology changes are a key enabling factor for such business initiatives. Changes in technology, however, are not as simple as installing software. Such technology changes need to be managed such that employees know how to apply it to their day-to-day work and business processes. Progressive approaches conducted by leading companies offer guidance on how to navigate such a transition. These approaches incorporate three phases: preparation for the technology change, executing technology change and continued support for technology change. This whitepaper offers detailed direction for each of these three phases.