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The Mechanical 3D CAD Selection Guide

3D CAD is in a modern era of innovation. However, it is divergent innovation, as solution providers are developing new capabilities in different areas. Selecting a solution is no longer about finding the overall best but the best fit for your organization.

Eliminate Friction in Design Collaboration

Leverage CAD technologies to work with other engineering teams and enterprise stakeholders

Integrating Reverse Engineering into Core Design

Leveraging a single environment with parametric, direct, and facet modeling

The Four Uses of Generative Design and 3D Printing

Learn how, when, and why to apply these leading edge technologies

Maximizing the Benefits of 3D Printing with Facet Modeling

Over the course of the last decade, the pendulum of design cycles has swung hard in the direction of virtual tools. Given the circumstances, that trend was justified. Digital prototyping offered a means to quickly check the form, fit and function of designs. It provides demonstrable advantages over building physical prototypes, which were costly in terms of both time and money. Furthermore, virtually checking performance of designs affords faster iterations earlier in the development process. Design cycles are accelerated.