About The Fundamentals of Product Development for Industrial Machinery Ebook Bundle

Industrial machinery engineering, including machine building for batteries, has long been complex, but technological advancements have driven that complexity to new levels. Today’s machines incorporate sensors, software, and smart features in addition to their mechanical, electronic, and electrical components. With these advancements come fresh challenges. Companies must coordinate the work of numerous engineering teams across domains throughout the design process—while also working closely with external stakeholders and their own procurement, manufacturing, and service departments.

Industrial machinery and battery machine companies must navigate this landscape efficiently to meet project deadlines and control costs. But the traditional method of managing product development using spreadsheets and documents makes doing so difficult. A design change made using these tools does not automatically propagate downstream to other stakeholders. Unaware of the change, these stakeholders then proceed with design and development, leading to errors that may not be evident until the prototyping and testing phase. These errors can lead to costly, time-consuming redesigns. They also make sourcing supplies more difficult and more expensive.

Digital product lifecycle management (PLM) solutions address all of these complications. They provide a single source of truth for every stakeholder and connect a company’s team members, processes, and technologies via a common digital thread. As a result, stakeholders can rely on up-to-the-minute product data for design decisions and other critical steps in the development process. Engineers working in different domains can coordinate their work more efficiently, improving product quality while reducing the kinds of errors that cause projects to go over budget and miss deadlines. This eBook bundle focuses on product development challenges.

The eBooks cover:

  • How do I Create and Manage an Accurate BOM?
  • How do I Justify a Digital Transformation?
  • How do I Coordinate Design Across Engineering Disciplines?
  • How do I Satisfy Requirements and Meet Deadlines?

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