About The Fundamentals of Product Development for Aerospace and Defense Ebook Bundle

The aerospace and defense sector is entering a period of significant change, driven by the need to create more sustainable aircraft and reduce the industry’s environmental impact. At the same time, the certification process– and the safety it ensures– remains an essential concern for every aerospace and defense company. As these companies strive to improve sustainability and maximize safety, they must also contend with the increasing complexity of their systems and products. Companies must efficiently coordinate engineering work across multiple domains to address this challenge while meeting project deadlines and controlling costs. They must also work closely with other vital stakeholders in their procurement, manufacturing, and service departments and integrate the efforts of suppliers and original
equipment manufacturers (OEMs).

Managing all of these efforts using traditional tools and existing development practices can lead to difficulties. Serious performance and safety issues can arise if even minor design changes made by
one team are not propagated to other departments. Those issues may not be evident until prototyping and testing occur, at which point the engineers must complete arduous, expensive redesigns.
Similarly, if other departments or external stakeholders act on outdated or inaccurate product data, it becomes harder for them to source parts and supplies in a timely, cost-effective manner.

Digital product lifecycle management (PLM) solutions give aerospace and defense companies the capability to deal with rising system complexity while pursuing safety and sustainability priorities. These solutions connect internal and external stakeholders, processes, and technologies through a common
digital thread. Because this thread provides a single source of truth for team members throughout the organization, development decisions are always made based on up-to-the-minute product data. This improves the systems integration process and reduces the rounds of prototyping and testing required to achieve sustainable designs that meet the industry’s rigorous certification standards. As a result, companies can control costs and keep projects on schedule. This eBook bundle focuses on the challenges product development challenges.

The eBooks cover:

  • How do I Create and Manage an Accurate BOM?
  • How do I Justify a Digital Transformation?
  • How do I Fast Track Design Release?
  • How do I Satisfy Requirements and Meet Deadlines?

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