To upgrade or not? As simple as the question might be, it's not simple to answer. Upgrading a critical software application like CAD carries certain risks. This eBook offers a framework which can be used to make such a decision, walking you through the process step-by-step.

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This eBook is best for engineering managers aware of the recent advances in CAD applications, but face serious objections when considering a switch or upgrade.


After years of slow incremental improvements, wave after wave of innovations are sweeping through the CAD industry. Many software solutions now integrate direct modeling with parametric feature-based approaches. Others focus on supporting model-based enterprise concepts or moving CAD to the cloud. Regardless of what you think about these changes, few would argue that the CAD industry is same old one that shuffled along for so many years. While innovation progresses in the CAD industry, many engineering and IT managers watch with a mix of excitement and trepidation about a CAD upgrade. Make no mistake: the promise of greater productivity, cost savings and better design is fairly self-evident. Along with those hopes come valid questions and fears. At the same time, engineering and IT managers cannot simply sit back and take comfort in inaction. Equally legitimate concerns exist about not upgrading a CAD application. They must interoperate with other software systems and applications in the product development IT ecosystem. What should an engineering or IT manager do? That is where this eBook can help. It surveys the range of issues that should be considered when choosing to upgrade or not to upgrade your CAD application. It includes guidance on how to make the decision as well.