A key component of machine design is the 2D layout. With it, designers and engineers pin down the big picture of the design. This eBook compares Drafting, Feature-based Sketching and Direct Sketching tools for the development of 2D machine layouts.


Drafting Tools can modify lines, curves, arcs and splines individually, but does not fuel rapid modifications. Feature-based Sketchers power intelligent change, but bog down as the number of 2D geometric entities increase into the hundreds, which is frequently the case with layouts. In the end, designers and engineers are forced into an ugly compromise: employ fast but unintelligent tools or smart but performance-poor tools. Either way, they lose. There is, however, hope on the horizon. Direct Sketching, which apply direct modeling concepts to 2D geometry, enables intelligent change without performance degradation. Ultimately, Direct Sketching can fuel rapid and intelligent layout.