To date, engineering organizations have compromised between Drafting Tools that cannot drive intelligent change and Feature-based Sketchers whose performance degrades with the hundreds if not thousands of 2D geometry entities on drawings. A third alternative, Direct Sketching, promises to power smart yet fast change for drawings, eliminating such time wasting efforts.

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This eBook is best for engineering managers and directors looking to recoup time spent manually editing 2D drawings in an effort to increase overall engineering productivity.


Think about all of the drawings made up of 2D geometry that were generated before engineering organizations started building 3D models. Most manufacturers literally have thousands of such drawings that were developed over the course of many years. For the products that are still sold and serviced, that is sometimes the only documentation that exists. Those drawings must be put into circulation within the company for any change processes or refits. What’s the point in all this? It is simple. If drawings based on 2D geometry are still so prevalent, why are our tools still so poor at manipulating them?