My Position

Me? I’m just trying to be practical. Fundamentally, the system engineering process is about breaking down requirements, assigning them to functions and then assigning those functions to items in the product structure or Bill of Material. What’s critical about that process is being able to allocate functions to items regardless of engineering discipline, whether that be mechanical, electrical or software components. In fact, you might have one functions allocated to a mechanical component and software item. Furthermore, many functions need to be allocated not to the compiled software, but to the raw code and even software library components. Yet if those items are managed in a separate system, then that sort of traceability can never come to fruition. That’s a natural reason why embedded software components need to be managed in PLM systems alongside items from mechanical and electrical teams.

The Results


Despite getting whipped in the comments section (yes… you should read them…), I won the vote.

The Consequence

Yes. I lost the last debate. So I decided to go for the mummy’s revenge. Two whole rolls of duct tape.


And yes. That is my daughter who pushed me over and proceeded to laugh maniacally.

Egads. I need to stop this slide.