Aerospace and defense (A&D) programs are massive efforts with numerous challenges. Marked by technical complexity, budget constraints, and strict regulations, A&D programs are often plagued by disruptions that result in cost and time overruns.

The Lifecycle Insights investigation revealed that A&D professionals struggle with a lack of visibility into program data due partly to a fragmented IT environment. Moreover, these professionals rely heavily on manual data collection and communication tools, which can be time-intensive to create and update.

This report discusses the current V&V landscape and makes suggestions for streamlining technologies and processes. The information is divided into two main sections.

  • The State of the Industry explores common disruptions and examines how A&D professionals recoup their losses when programs lag.
  • The Progressive Approach to Managing Programs introduces the concept of a digital thread and digital twins to streamline program data. This approach helps ensure processes remain current, accessible, and resilient.

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