Addressing the performance of CAD applications while handling large assemblies is a longstanding issue. The good news is that in recent years, some technological advancements have been made that address this issue. That's what is discussed in this eBook.

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This eBook is of most value to CAD users dealing with assembly performance issues.


Assembly performance is another one of those issues that has plagued CAD applications for more than a decade. However, some of the recent advancements in the industry offer some real hope and promise to make a difference. In this eBook, I've taken a close look at the root of the problem and how some changes in the CAD industry might make a substantial difference. Here's a quick excerpt from the eBook. Let’s be frank: assembly performance is a subject that is only discussed when it becomes a problem. Even with large assemblies, users focused on their designs rarely notice when CAD applications are responsive. When CAD applications lag, however, users take shortcuts that increase responsiveness but lead to problems that can slip downstream.