Navigate Conflicting And Competing Demands with Cloud-Based SAAS Solutions

Electronics product development is evolving rapidly. Mechanical engineers and simulation analysts have long been a necessary part of the product development process. But today’s more sophisticated products add stakeholders in ever-more disciplines to the mix, such as software, networking and connectivity, security, and compliance experts.

Fortunately, today’s product lifecycle management (PLM) systems offer integrated lifecycle management, which allows companies to effectively manage even the largest electronic assemblies and scattered multidisciplinary teams. These tools ensure that requirements remain centralized and up to date, fewer errors arise, and team members work in one collaborative environment. Best of all, companies that adopt these tools get products to market faster, at lower cost, and with less risk of rework and recalls.

This eBook is one of a series focusing on the challenges facing electronics companies and how today’s PLM solutions can address them.

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