Accelerating Design Release with Cloud-Based SaaS Solutions

Heavy equipment engineering is already a complicated undertaking, but advancements in smart, connected technology have introduced even greater complexity. Today’s heavy equipment features mechanical, electronic, and electrical components—and also brings sensors and software into the mix. As a result, multidisciplinary engineering teams at heavy equipment companies must coordinate their work during the design phase while simultaneously collaborating with other internal and external stakeholders.

Managing this coordination can be the difference between success and failure when it comes to meeting project deadlines and budgets. Using traditional office tools such as spreadsheets and documents to do so can make the process inefficient, however. Engineers can easily lose track of design changes, leading to errors that may not be discovered until the prototyping and testing phase. This results in often costly and time-intensive redesigns, delaying project completion and the product’s arrival on the market. In addition, design changes that slip through the cracks can make things difficult for the procurement team, which may source parts based on outdated or incorrect information.

Product lifecycle management (PLM) solutions can help heavy equipment companies improve the coordination of engineering work across domains and create a common digital thread that serves as the single source of truth organization-wide. When engineers adjust a design, that change is propagated automatically to all other representations of the design. This allows stakeholders to make fully informed decisions on engineering, procurement, and more based on data that updates in real time. The end result is more efficient coordination of work, lower costs, shorter development cycles, and fewer design errors that cause unnecessary delays.

This eBook is one of a series focusing on the challenges facing industrial machinery companies and how PLM solutions can address them.

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