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Cloud-Enabled Digital Transformation of Product Development

This report assesses the implications and opportunities associated with adopting Cloud-based solutions in development. This report includes findings from the PLM study as well as the Cloud Adoption study, both research survey efforts completed by Lifecycle Insights.

Harmonizing Development in Engineering and the Enterprise

No engineers is an island. They work with a variety of stakeholders, including other engineers, tooling designers,machinists, procurement agents, quality inspectors, service planners, and many others. Each provides valuable insight onto how modern products can meet the complex and often conflicting requirements.

Automating Processes across the Development Cycle

There is little point denying it: development teams are working in an increasingly digital environment. Engineering uses 3D models and drawings as the definition of designs. Procurement trades in technical data packages and digital contracts. Manufacturing derives and validates toolpaths in digital testing environments. Service planners develop their maintenance procedures with 3D animations and instructions.

Battling Engineering’s Eroding Productivity

The product development process is getting more complex as far-flung suppliers now not only supply components, but key contributions to design. Products are becoming more complicated as they include more electronics, software and connectivity to the Internet of Things (IoT), requiring more coordination between domain experts across disciplines. Regulations are growing, both in number and complexity, forcing manufacturers to carefully following procedures and document their compliance.

Decentralized Product Development Environments

Leveraging cloud-based plm for co-development, long-term programs, joint ventures, mergers, acquisitions, and divestitures.

Getting Back to Design

Offloading the management of the digital product definition