You might not have noticed it, but engineering has been changing. I first noticed this as part of the movement towards DFX initiatives. But such a change carried some interesting implications for engineering. That spurred me to write those thoughts and implications down in an eBook. Here's a key excerpt.

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This eBook is valuable for engineering directors and managers whose organizations are responsible for coordinating design feedback from many company functions.


It’s amazing how design has become so democratic. Years ago, it was all about form, fit and function. Engineers would develop a concept, size according to calculations, check against standards and move on to the next task. There was always a design review cycle, but engineers maintained a good amount of autonomy and independence to make design decisions. Today, design decisions must take far more into account. Manufacturability must be checked. Serviceability must be validated. Inventory and sourcing alternatives must be checked as well. Furthermore, design decisions must also be vetted inside engineering teams in groupthink activities. There’s little doubt that design decision making has changed. For engineers, design is now far more about communicating, collaborating and building consensus than it ever has been in the past.