Do electronic simulations pay off? Answering that question is the purpose of Lifecycle Insights’ Electronics Simulation Driven Design study. Conducted from March to September 2018, this research focused on providing quantifiable insight on the impact of early simulation on board systems development. One of the first and most important issues this study examines is the current state of board systems development. The findings, shown to the right, paint a troublesome picture. Canceling projects is a natural part of any healthy portfolio management process, but 17% is high. When projects lag, engineers must shift to work in emergency fashion. Despite those emergency efforts, fully 28% of projects miss their release dates. Sometimes, however, those endeavors are successful with 30% of projects hitting their release dates after such resource shifts. Overall, only 25% of projects go as planned, hitting design release without any resource surge. Why is the health of board systems development so dire? More findings from the study reveal answers.