Pursuing Engineering Transformation

Our current, highly competitive global market requires that organizations find ways to improve their outcomes or lose out on business, opportunities, and future success. Within the broader scope of digital transformation (DX) initiatives, EX is dedicated to improving product design and engineering. Without question, EX is not only a powerful approach to increasing efficiency and productivity as markets grow ever more competitive, but an essential tool as well.

To gain a clearer understanding of how engineering organizations pursue EX—and the common traits shared by organizations that do so successfully—Lifecycle Insights conducted the 2023 Engineering Transformation Study. Its findings reveal significant differences between companies that have successfully pursued EX and those that have been less successful in their attempts. Below are just some of the highlights from this report.

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Engineering Transformation’s Difficulties and Disruption

Unfortunately, because EX initiatives often involve major changes within an organization, the beginning stages of an EX overhaul have the potential to negatively impact an organization if not properly planned and implemented. Examples of big changes that organizations often need advice and assistance on during an EX upgrade include:

  • Implementation of new technological solutions
  • Processes and practices overhaul
  • Entire organizational structure changes

Thus, engineering executives recognize that even when there is the need for such EX improvements, they are wary of the disruptions and new pain points that can often accompany these changes.

Creating a Smooth Engineering Transformation for your Organization

Given these potentially significant overhauls, many organizations seek answers and guidance on how best to enact and implement an EX. The 2023 Engineering Transformation Study shows what common traits are shared by organizations that have successfully used EX to significantly improve their design and engineering while enduring little disruption, disturbance, or difficulty.

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