The Democratization of Simulation through Usability

Usability is a central consideration when empowering engineers with simulation tools. In this webinar, Chad Jackson speaks to the intersection of knowledge needs and usability in the application of Simulation-Driven Design initiatives.

Webinar hosted by NAFEMS.

Integrating Simulation into Design to Drive Innovation

Most see the value of simulation in reducing prototyping and testing costs. Yet, other manufacturers glimpse other value. In this webinar, Chad Jackson assesses analysis through the view of driving new innovations in product development

Webinar hosted by engineering.com.

Simulation CFD NASA Shuttle

Best Practices on Driving Design Decisions with Simulation

How do you best implement a Simulation-Driven Design initiative? It requires far more than putting analysis capabilities in CAD. In this webinar, Chad Jackson shares best practices on how to successfully deploy simulation and analysis tools in the midst of design, unlocking significant value.

Webinar hosted by Design World.

The Pros and Cons of 3D Modeling Paradigms

Direct Modeling. Parametric Modeling. Subdivision Modeling. Where and how are each best applied? In this webinar, Chad Jackson leads viewers through a discussion on how each modeling technology is best applied in product development.

Webinar hosted by Design World.