Designing Smart, Connected Products: ECAD-MCAD Collaboration for Better Harness Design

The move towards the smart, connected products is driving many changes across development. In this webinar, Chad Jackson explores one improvement opportunity on this front: early and continuous collaboration between mechanical and electrical engineers on electrical harness design.

Webinar hosted by Siemens PLM.

Model-Based Definition Powering the Digital Twin

A complete digital representation of the product delivers benefits throughout product development. Chad Jackson gives an orientation on the intersection of Digital Transformation initiatives and Model-Based Definitions, powering the use of Digital Twins.

Webinar hosted by Siemens PLM.

Early Electronics Simulation: Is It Really Worth It?

Manufacturers have learned the hard way: multiple respins are detrimental to the health of product development. In this webinar, Chad Jackson shares findings from Lifecycle Insights’ most recent research study analyzing the use of early, pervasive electronics simulation and checks.

Webinar hosted by NAFEMS.

Simulation for Design Engineers

Applying simulation to design isn’t as simple as installing software. Knowledge and skills gap represent significant challenges. Chad Jackson talks through the barriers and shares findings from Lifecycle Insights’ Simulation-Driven Design study.

Webinar hosted by engineering.com

Not Your Father’s PLM

PLM is changing. Many providers are moving away from heavyweight, onerous software systems to lighter, easier-to-learn, tightly focused solutions. In this webinar, Chad Jackson discusses what types of systems fit which types of companies.

Webinar hosted by engineering.com.

The Elevation of Simulation in the Enterprise

Simulation is no longer constrained to pre-testing validation. Analyses are now taking many forms, ranging from systems simulation, coupled software-hardware digital prototypes, digital twins, and much more. In this webinar, Chad Jackson leads a tour of the expansion of simulation out of engineering and into the enterprise.

Webinar hosted by NAFEMS.

Implications for CAD in the Cloud

The rules of mechanical design are changing. CAD is no longer chained to the desktop. In this webinar, Chad Jackson leads the audience through the implications, both big and small, of moving CAD to the Cloud.

Webinar hosted by Autodesk.

How Generative Design Will Rock Product Development for Forward Thinking Design Teams

Generative Design is a white-hot topic. Many are trying to wrap their minds about how this exciting new technology affects design. In this webinar, Chad Jackson steers a discussion through the implications of these new tools on how engineers design in the near future.

Webinar hosted by Design World.

Breathing Life into Digital Twins: Incorporating Sensor Data into System Modeling

Digital Twins offer a lot of promise. Yet, they need the right data to deliver real value. In this webinar, Chad Jackson joins a panel to give a three-hundred and sixty degree view of Digital Twins, focusing on what data is needed to make them impactful

Webinar hosted by Digital Engineering.