Want to learn the common traits of engineering organizations who successfully pursue engineering transformation (EX)?

Join Lifecycle Insights Chief Analyst and CEO Chad Jackson and Arvind Krishnan, Senior Industry Analyst for an in-depth discussion on our research conducted, and recently published report – Engineering Transformation: Realizing Value, Avoiding Disruption.

Lifecycle Insights surveyed 371 respondents to understand the traits and characteristics of EX initiatives that were most successful. Specifically, the study sought to identify what objectives organizations intended to improve, their rate of realizing value compared to disruption, and the characteristics of effective organization’s efforts.

During this live event, we will review our findings and insights on:

  • The impact on companies that do not invest in technological solutions as part of their approach to EX.
  • The key differentiator(s) for those top performers and efforts that drove long-term, sustained EX success.
  • The levels of benefit and disruption experienced by each respondent group, and explore how the synergy of EX initiatives improves outcomes.
  • How synergy between discrete aspects of EX (technology, processes, roles, and metrics) affects the overall success of engineering organizations’ improvement efforts.

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