We are in a new and exciting transformative era in electronic product design. Product design that historically encompassed a variety of applications and most often required a unique specialist for different aspects of design are evolving into product design flows that consider the end product as early as the functional specification. To help navigate and educate us through this transformative era in electronics design we are welcoming industry veteran John McMillan to our team.

With a passion for the high-tech industry, John brings over three decades of electro-mechanical design, R&D and marketing management experience to Lifecycle Insights. From his hands-on experience of the challenges faced in the earliest stages of start-up companies to the complexities faced by some of the electronics industry’s most notable companies, John brings a unique depth of industry knowledge.

John has researched and authored various publications including white papers and articles that have been published in industry periodicals worldwide. He has also presented at industry conferences including PCB West, PCB Carolina, Electronica, and various IPC meetings over the years as well as developed and hosted one of the EDA industry’s first podcasts series, PCB TechTalk.

Here at Lifecycle Insights John will be responsible for tracking emerging design technologies, publishing thought leadership content, and conducting survey-based research to inform and guide engineering executives’ strategies.

“I’m excited to join Lifecycle Insights and provide both thought leadership and guidance through research that not only aide’s executives and decision-makers with insights that help them make design flow and process decisions with confidence”. At Lifecycle Insights, we understand that many companies are trying to navigate the transition from traditional, mechanical products to smart, connected ones. As a result, the composition and development of products are changing. Engineering executives need to reap more value from their engineering initiatives in less time, with more surety and less disruption. Lifecycle Insights helps by publishing research, educational, and advisory insights for engineering executives on technology-led engineering initiatives, enabling better investment and adoption decisions.