Industry Analyst Job Description

Industry analysts track emerging design technologies, publish thought leadership content, and conduct survey-based research to inform and guide engineering executives’ strategies. With only a few dozen people filling these coveted roles, opportunities to break into this space are few and far between. Lifecycle Insights is hiring a industry analyst to direct the development of thought leadership publications and to conduct survey-based research. This role is a remote position, working with Lifecycle Insights’ contributors in a variety of US locations.

Role and Responsibilities

  • Work with Lifecycle Insights’ project manager to direct our team of copywriters, copy editors, graphics designers, and illustrators to develop publications including eBooks, white papers, and more per company well-defined and documented standards.
  • Work with Lifecycle Insights’ Chief Analyst to build out and maintain Lifecycle Insights internal library of findings and positions for reuse in new content.
  • Work with Lifecycle Insights’ Chief Analyst to direct the company’s standardized research process, building out surveys, analyzing respondent data, and contextualizing finding results in industry knowledge and thought leadership.

Requisite Knowledge and Skills

Successful candidates have knowledge and skills in the following areas:

  • Strong familiarity with technology-led initiatives pursued by product development executives. Examples include digital transformation, simulation-driven design, model-based definitions, digital twins, and other related efforts.
  • Strong familiarity with the capabilities and value proposition of technologies that enable technology-led initiatives. Examples include generative design, additive manufacturing, designer-accessible analysis tools, mechanical CAD, electrical CAD, EDA, PLM, ALM, and more.
  • Familiarity with discrete manufacturing industries, including automotive, aerospace and defense, industrial equipment and heavy machinery, medical devices, consumer products, and consumer electronics.
  • Familiarity with the product development process, both for the major phases of design and manufacturing as well as specific activities in those phases.
  • Strong verbal, written, organizational, and presentation skills.
  • Extremely friendly and professional demeanor over email.

Applicable Experience

  • Software providers in a product management or marketing role.
  • Manufacturing companies in a design engineering (hardware and/or software), engineering IT, or production engineering role.