Simulation Driven Design (SDD)

Iterating Toward Iron Man’s Design Process

Every time I watch an Iron Man movie, I drool. Tony Stark sits there, interacting with a hologram of his designs, instructing Jarvis to make this change or that one before offhandedly sending it off to production. Tony’s time in engineering has been reduced to developing new concepts and telling his ‘assistant’ how to improve …

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ANSYS’ AIM: Empowering the Engineer

A software provider wants to enable common engineers to conduct simulations early and often in the development cycle so they can make better design decisions. Sound familiar? Well, it should. It’s been the goal of, well, just about every software provider serving the engineering community over the past twenty years. And what’s more, their approach has …

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PTC’s Integrity Modeler

If you’ve been following some of the latest on new tools that help engineer’s design and develop products, then you’ve seen system engineering come up again and again. Processes and standards have been around for some time for system engineering. However, it has only been in the last few years that we’re seeing a growing …

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Workbench: ANSYS’ Simulation Platform

Concept design. Detailed design. Verification and validation. Prototype and test. Today, simulation can be used in each of these areas to great benefit. However, that doesn’t mean you can simply create one simulation solution to cover all of them. There are distinctly separate roles that would apply simulation in each of those phases of development. …

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Siemens PLM: Bringing It Together with Simcenter

Last week, on June 15th, Siemens PLM announced a new strategy related to simulation. At the center of it is a new suite of software called Simcenter that consolidates the number of acquisitions they have made in the space over the past few years. In this post, you’ll find more details on the strategy and …

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Most Design Decision Makers Use Simulation Inconsistently and Infrequently

I have to admit, I’ve been curious about this for quite some time. Most of the marketing-speak in the industry talks about how common engineers could use simulation to drive design decisions. I’ve always harbored a few doubts, but it turns out I’m a bit more callous than reasonable. This finding, coming from our Hardware …

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Most Engineers Making Design Decisions Use CAD Applications

This finding from the Hardware Design Engineer study reveals that the majority of engineers making design decisions do, in fact, use CAD applications.

3D CAD Model Gears

Do We Need a Functional Definition for Mechanical Design?

Ever had a topic that has slowly matured in your head? You get some kind of impetus, a conversation, presentation or something else, and it bug you. You can’t quite put your finger on it. But there’s something wrong. Then you get another impetus. It might be completely unrelated. However, it is somehow connected. And …

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Correlating Prototyping and Testing Failures to the Inability to Hit Design Release Dates

This finding from the PLM Study shows a correlation between prototyping and testing failures and the inability to hit design release dates.

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