How Do You Get A Digital Twin Running in the Cloud with ThingWorx?

How do you get a digital twin running in the cloud with ThingWorx? How do you set up an IoT-connected digital twin? And why would you want to do that? Let’s take a few minutes and talk about it.  Companies might be capturing sensor data off of a product in the field and applying AI/machine …

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Big Data and the Engineer

The Internet of Things (IoT) has unleashed a new wave of interconnected products. Almost every company is now switching from traditional, mechanical offerings to smart ones requiring a lot of software, electronics, and electrical systems. But design engineers must go further than simply integrating the right hardware and software into today’s products. As the world …

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The Digital Engineering Approach

Let’s talk about systems development’s full potential, which only results from a comprehensive approach. What are the aspects of a digital engineering approach?

Engineering Co-Design Across Domains

As products get smarter and more interconnected, engineering co-design is more critical than ever. How can you improve your organization’s capacity for co-design?

Managing the Digital Thread for Electrical Systems

The digital thread is not just a popular industry buzzword. It’s a unique communication framework that gives a holistic, integrated view of your product’s data across its components and lifecycle.

How is your organization managing the digital thread today?

Requirements Traceability in a MBSE Environment

It’s no surprise that the E/E systems are becoming more complex. Manufacturers are adapting their development approaches to meet the new demands. In this post, we’ll share insights from The Engineering Executives Strategic Agenda Study, the impact complex E/E systems has on processes and product requirements and how to meet and manage these requirements.

Solution Provider Landscape for Simulation-Driven Design

When the simulation-driven design movement first started, there was only one way to enable it: putting hybrid CAD-CAE solutions in the hands of engineers. But in the past decade or so, the approaches have grown. In this post, we discuss each approach and solution providers that address them.

Digital Twin vs. Digital Thread

Digital twin and digital thread are terms that are used a lot in the industry today. Why are the digital twin and digital thread so important for collaboration today? Our chief analyst defines digital twin and digital thread and the important role they play in product development

Validating Systems Architectures from the Bottom Up

Products are becoming more feature-rich and more complex. Many organizations increasingly rely on systems engineering. In this post, I’ll dive into some common issues with developing systems architectures. I will focus on how to increase collaboration between detailed design and systems engineering teams through a validation step right before detailed design starts.