Problems with Engineering Documentation

This finding identifies the most frequently identified issues that organizations encounter with engineering documentation.

Model Based Enterprise (MBE) Adoption: Lots of Experimentation, Little Commitment

This finding from the MBE study shows that many companies are exploring MBE, but few have fully adopted its practices.

Model Based Enterprise (MBE) Delivers Quantified Value

This finding from the MBE study shows that adoption rates of model based initiatives are low, but the value reaped by those that are pursuing them is high.

3D CAD Model Turbine Exploded

NGRAIN: Realizing 3D-Based Augmented Reality?

In this post, you’ll get an overview of capabilities provided by NGRAIN’s products, which focus on authoring and consuming 3D-based materials, as well as my commentary and analysis.

Do Model-Based Initiatives Require Process Change?

In this case, I want to take a hard look at Model-Based Enterprise initiatives. I have an opinion, of course, like I always do. But I’d like some feedback on this one in particular. In this post, I propose that the adoption of Model-Based Enterprise initiatives do, in fact, require process change within an organization.

3D CAD Model Housing

Geometric’s MBEWeb: An Automation Enabler for Model-Based Initiatives

In this post, you’ll see an overview of MBEWeb, a package of software and services offered by Geometric Ltd., which helps organization to make the pursue MBE initiatives.

Model Based Enterprise (MBE): How Are Deliverables Used?

This finding reveals the rates at which 3D models are being across a variety of applications across the enterprise.

Model Based Enterprise (MBE): Contract Obligations Drive A&D Adoption

This finding shows the rates at which MBE initiatives are being adopted. It also shows why organizations are pursing them.

3D CAD Model Gears Wireframe

What’s Undermining Model-Based Efforts?

  How did the world end up being so technology focused? When it comes to enabling changes in how organizations work, we very frequently turn to technology first. When there’s a missing capability, we rant. When that capability is finally included in a new version of technology, we rave. But increasingly, I’m finding that enabling …

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