3D CAD Model Gears and Drawing

Supporting MBD with the Right Technology

It seems with every passing day, there is more and more interest in Model Based Definition (MBD) initiatives. Some companies are looking at it to satisfy contractual requirements especially in aerospace and defense. Some are looking at it as a means to become more efficient in engineering and simplify design management. Yet others are looking …

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Fighting Your 3D CAD Demons

Businesses are all about risk and managing that risk. It’s really important to understand what the risks are so that they can be properly mitigated. Hopefully you’ve already faced your 3D CAD demons. Now let’s dig into some misconceptions about them, to better enable you to fight those demons within your organization.

3D CAD model of a brake clutch

Facing Your 3D CAD Demons

Most organizations have not achieved their desired level of Model-Based Enterprise (MBE) maturity. What to do? Step 1: face your demons. That is, identify the barriers preventing your organization from becoming the MBE “of your dreams.” It’s easier to move forward once you understand what’s holding you back. CULTURE and TECHNOLOGY are the two common …

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Move to MBD: Can We See Results?

Last week, Chad talked on the blog about findings from The Model Based Enterprise Study. It found that, while 57% of the 575 respondent companies released 3D annotated models for at least some projects, only 2% exclusively used 3D MBD. We thought we’d take a look at some of those companies from the 2% to …

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3D CAD Model Gears and Drawing

SOLIDWORKS MBD 2015: A Big Deal?

Is the demise of the 2D manufacturing drawing just around the corner? I’m sure engineers hope so. Model based definition (MBD) may be helping to do away with drawings, but it’s still not used across the board. And many engineers using MBD to annotate models with  3D product manufacturing information still have to learn a …

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Top Challenges to Adopting Model Based Initiatives

This finding outlines the top challenges to adopting Model Based Initiatives, some of which are surprising.

Average Time Spent Authoring, Clarifying and Amending Documentation

This finding reveals the average amount of time that engineers and machinists spent creating, clarifying and amending documentation.

Problems with Engineering Documentation

This finding identifies the most frequently identified issues that organizations encounter with engineering documentation.

Model Based Enterprise (MBE) Adoption: Lots of Experimentation, Little Commitment

This finding from the MBE study shows that many companies are exploring MBE, but few have fully adopted its practices.