The Manager’s Survival Guide to Digital Engineering

Taking a digital engineering approach to manufacturing—one composed of architecture-driven and model-based engineering—offers significant advantages (not to mention tangible benefits both in terms of time and costs). Yet, change is never easy. How can engineering executives ease the transformation? This Survival Guide to Digital Engineering will help create a path to success.

Best Practices for Navigating Your MBD Initiatives

There is no one-size-fits all approach to integrating an MBD into the product design process. In this PTC blog, Chad Jackson offers tips on creating MBDs and ensuring their effective consumption.

The Manager’s Survival Guide to Model-Based Engineering

In this Zuken blog post, Chad Jackson highlights the people, process, and technology considerations organizations should take before transitioning to an MBE-based approach to design and development.

Model-Based Enterprise Initiative Expectations: Are They Too Aggressive?

Companies tend to focus on the end-game when implementing model-based enterprise initiatives. However, there are some valuable intermediate steps companies should consider. In this video, Chad Jackson discusses how some of the intermediate steps can boost productivity.

Vertex: Do We Need Another 3D Visualization Tool?

Okay, so let’s talk about Vertex. First off, what is it and, what does it do?

SOLIDWORKS CAM: Generating Toolpaths from MBD PMI

SOLIDWORKS supports a Model-Based Enterprise effort in a number of ways. One important one is automating machining. In this video, we offer an overview of how SOLIDWORKS reads semantic PMI to automatically create sets of NC toolpaths.

What is a Model Based Enterprise?

This video provides a clear and concise introduction to how a Model-Based Definition can be used within a company, turning it into a Model-Based Enterprise.

Elysium’s Support of MBD Validation

Elysium provides a variety of solutions to enable Model-Based Enterprise initiatives. In this video, Chad Jackson talks to their validation and conversion tools. Watch for insight into their solutions.

The Need for Validation in MBE Initiatives

What is model validation? How does it fit into Model-Based Enterprise (MBE) initiatives? It is actually more important than you think. Chad Jackson provides an overview of this complex topic in our latest video.