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The Engineering Executive's Conundrum

The Engineering Executive’s Conundrum

Change initiatives represent a real opportunity for improvement… and disruption. In this post, we talk about this catch-22 for engineering executives.

The Evolution of PLM at Whirlpool

How do you manage the cultural side of a PLM deployment? Whirlpool gave solid advice as PTC’s Liveworx. I’ve added my commentary to theirs.

Email: The Enemy of Collaboration

Let’s face it: Design by its very nature is an iterative and collaborative process. In any design project, you will often try one thing to see if it works. When that fails, you try a different approach and eventually (hopefully) meet success. This happens again and again, day after day, as engineers develop new designs. …

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Documents and Spreadsheets: Highly Used by Those Making Design Decisions

This finding reveals how frequency and consistently those making design decisions use documents and spreadsheets.

Solid Edge: Meeting Customers Where They Live

The News and Capabilities At the PLM World event in Orlando, Siemens PLM announced a new data management approach for users of Solid Edge. Here’s the breakdown. The solution is based on cloud sharing services including Dropbox, Google Drive, Box and Microsoft’s OneDrive. It is the mechanism that will synch files between different desktops upon …

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One-Quarter Still Use Paper to Execute Development Processes and Projects

Today, we’re living in a world highly enabled by digital technologies. They have become an integral part of our world, both professional and personal. That doesn’t mean, however, that we’ve completely let go of more antiquated methods of running product development. Understanding the extent of which more advanced technologies are used to enable development projects …

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Managing Engineering Data: Few Dedicated to Enterprise Systems

This finding reveals the type and frequency of technologies used to manage design and development data.

The Democratization of PLM

Today is a time of dramatic change for software solutions. Larger development organizations, including OEMs (original equipment manufacturers) and suppliers, now have more flexibility than ever when it comes to these technologies. But it is also a time of unprecedented accessibility, with small organizations and startups now feasibly accessing the same technologies that were previously reserved for their larger peers. From top to bottom, it truly is a time of democratization.

Product Lifecycle Management (PLM)

A Single Source of the Truth for the BOM Still Doesn’t Exist

It is crazy how time flies. Blink and 2015 is gone. I guess that’s what happens when you get busy. I hope that 2016 decides to pass by a little more slowly. But I don’t think I’ll have much luck with that. Regardless, I have a topic that I’ve wanted to touch upon for quite …

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