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M-Files: How Does Master Data Management Apply to PLM and Product Development?

M-Files and Master Data Management  Why are they relevant to product development? Let’s start with master data management, and then discuss M-Files. Master data management is a set of solutions meant to address the burgeoning problem of different functional departments using various enterprise systems. For example, there is service life cycle management, product life cycle …

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How to Improve Designs by Compressing Simulation Analysis

Several developments have occurred during the last few years that have overhauled the traditional simulation analysis approach — changing it for the better. These advancements have replaced the discrete steps of traditional analysis with a near-real-time process in which the boundaries between steps are blurred.

Cadence Allegro: What type of analysis capabilities will you find?

Analysis Capabilities in Cadence Allegro For those not familiar with that product or Cadence software, it is a software suite that used to develop circuit boards and a wide variety of capabilities. There’s lots of functionality there. It’s been around a long time. About eight years ago, Cadence acquired a company called SEGRITY, which had …

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Design for Manufacturability: What does Cadence Allegro offer?

Design for Board Manufacturability Issues:  What’s the deal here? Why is it an issue? Well, you want to check for manufacturability before you start to make anything. Usually, it happens pretty late in the design development process. There’s a big emphasis on shifting the manufacturability check earlier in the design development process to fix issues …

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A digital twin of a production system feeds production line sensor data into a simulation of the production line. You can then measure virtual sensors and capture virtual sensor data off of the simulation. When you combine that with the physical sensor data, you have a richer view into what is actually happening in the production system overall. In this post, Chad Jackson discusses the value of running virtual and physical sensors together.

Digital Twins of production systems. 1D? 3D? What is the best fit?

Commissioning production systems is no easy task. The effort is complex. The schedule is short. Everyone wants to minimize downtime in facilities and plants. Getting a head start on commissioning through virtual methods instead of waiting for physical hardware is a step in the right direction. However, when it comes to the tactics of virtual commissioning, there are multiple options. Some organizations use 1D simulation process models. Others leverage detailed 3D designs with animations. Yet others use combinations of these two approaches. In this post, we’ll take a look at each, identifying the advantages and disadvantages of these different methods.

nTopology And Implicit Modeling: Why Is It Important?

New manufacturing frontiers such as additive manufacturing create new challenges for traditional 3D explicit modeling. In this video, Chad Jackson discusses some of the challenges and how nTopology’s implicit modeling tool solves them.


To enable virtual commissioning, models are created that emulate the behavior of individual components in the system. Such simulation models have two sides, representing the logical controllers and the physical components of that system. This post will address some of the shortcomings associated with the models used to enable virtual commissioning and introduce potential solutions.

Altair 365: What Is It And Why Is It A Big Deal?

What is Altair 365? Why is it a big deal? Altair 365 is offered by Altair, which has simulation, design, and several product development solutions for smart connected products. Altair 365: Moving Solutions to the Cloud What’s the deal here? Altair has several different products including HyperWorks, Knowledge Works, Altair Embed, and Altair Activate. They …

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