Mechanical Design

Altair solidThinking: Mechanical Design and Analysis

Altair solidThinking is a set of applications for mechanical design and analysis. This post reviews this solution and the value it provides.

An MBD Cautionary Tale: Underestimating the Benefits

An MBD Cautionary Tale: Underestimating the Benefits

Careful, it is easy to underestimate the benefits of an MBD initiative. This finding looks at the root cause of the miscalculation.

A MBD Cautionary Tale: Overestimating the Benefits

Any successful MBD initiative needs executive buy-in. However, overestimating the benefits of transitioning to MBD is a common mistake, as this finding proves.

3D CAD Model Organic Shape

Generative Design and 3D Printing: Revolutionizing Design?

November brought news for both Generative Design and 3D Printing. This post explains how the intersection of these two trends could revolutionize design.

3D Systems’ Figure 4 Platform: Taking 3D Printing to Production

3D System’s Figure 4 Platform is the first production 3D printing solution. This post reviews its capabilities and implications for engineers.

Mentor’s Capital: Enterprise Electrical Design

Mentor’s Capital Platform is a software suite for electrical systems and harness design. This post details its capabilities and associated benefits.

Migrating to Fully Annotated Models

Migrating to Fully Annotated Models

Some organizations blindly pursue a Model-Based Definition initiative by trying to take everything traditionally included on a fully annotated drawing and transitioning that to a fully annotated model. That, unfortunately, results in unexpected, and unwanted, results.

Migrating to Minimally Annotated Models

Instead of replicating fully annotated drawings as fully annotated models, some organizations are only minimally annotated their models. Such practices yield a number of benefits.

Migrating to Minimally Annotated Drawings

Migrating to Minimally Annotated Drawings

Migrating to Model-Based Definitions isn’t the only documentation oriented initiative in engineering. Some organizations are looking to save time by only including the absolutely required information to define the part to be manufactured. Such efforts are paying off.

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