Mechanical Design

3DEXPERIENCE Twin – A Manufacturing Perspective

In the past 18 months, the manufacturing industry has experienced a number of powerful disruptors. Between uncertainty in product demand, disruption in the supply chain, and new social distancing norms, organizations have had to find ways to make their lines more flexible. 3DEXPERIENCE Twin is a digital twin that has broad applications from product design …

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Siemens’ Executable Digital Twin

Over the past few years, the digital twin (DT) has gained popularity. Yet, DT has different meanings for different vendors and, as a result, manufacturers are still trying to understand its usefulness. Will Siemens’ executable digital twin (xDT) prove to be any different? Baselining the  Digital Twin The DT is a digital representation of a …

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nCode DesignLife: Predicting Fatigue Life

Across the automotive, aerospace, and heavy machinery industries, complex products often need to be lightweight while also meeting stringent lifecycle durability requirements. But it can be a challenge to determine whether products meet such requirements during the design phase. Conducting fatigue analysis using nCode DesignLife can help organizations virtually predict how long products will last …

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Aras Innovator: The Advantages of Accessing Simulation Data in Your Product Lifecycle Management Solution

As part of technology-led initiatives, many engineering organizations have adopted both simulation and product lifecycle management (PLM) to help drive and optimize product development efforts. Today, these companies often must rely on a variety of simulation products to meet their needs. Yet, engineering change orders (ECOs), which can come from any step in the product …

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What’s New in OpenBOM?

What is the latest with the OpenBOM and how does it help procurement work with engineering information?

If you’re not familiar with OpenBOM, it’s a cloud-based application you use through your browser to work with bills of materials.

Digital Twin vs. Digital Thread

Digital twin and digital thread are terms that are used a lot in the industry today. Why are the digital twin and digital thread so important for collaboration today? Our chief analyst defines digital twin and digital thread and the important role they play in product development

Fix the Mask: A Simple and Efficient Solution to Global Need

During difficult times, startups can still prevail. This podcast feature’s Sabrina Paseman, founder of Fix the Mask. Fix the Mask is focused on supplying better masks in the face of COVID. Lifecycle Insights CEO Chad Jackson interviews Sabrina on Siemen’s podcast, Startups: Digitalization to Realization

Using Simulation-Driven Design to Power Digital Engineering

Customer demands and marketplace competition are placing engineers under mounting time pressures. An organization’s development schedules must shorten to keep pace with the industry and the wider market. Many established digital tools are now available to accelerate development lifecycles. Simulation is one of them.

What is Esteco modeFRONTIER and VOLTA?

Let’s talk about Esteco and their products. There are two main products, modeFRONTIER and VOLTA. They serve different purposes, but basically they’re both all about simulation automation and simulation data management.