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Changing the PLM Landscape: PTC’s Acquisition of MKS

A few weeks ago, while I was in Boston, I sat down with a couple old friends for lunch. We like to talk about what’s happening in the industry and at one point, the discussion turned towards PTC’s acquisition of MKS. “I don’t get it. It makes no sense to me.” In my interactions since …

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Vuuch 4.5: Growing Up Before Our Eyes

It seemed like it wasn’t that long ago when Vuuch, something hardly anyone understood, was launched. More than a year later, Vuuch is up to version 4.5 and has new capabilities to offer. Some good. Some questionable. But at this point, one thing is clear: it seems like Vuuch is here to stay. And overall, …

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Modeling with Creo: Diving into the Details

It seems like 2011 is bound to be the year of CAD. There are numerous updates by so many software providers in terms of introducing new capabilities to their CAD applications. And none may be more anticipated than PTC’s Creo due to their publicly stated goal to revolutionize the CAD industry. Well, a year later, …

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A 3D wireframe CAD model of a car with an engine and suspension

Actify Centro and Microsoft Sharepoint: The 3D Mashup

It’s no easy task being an engineer today. While designing a product you have to take into account a huge variety of information like costs, inventory, preferred suppliers and much more in addition to form, fit and function. We talked at length about it during the Enabling Engineering Decisions panel discussion at the Collaboration and …

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Z Corporation: 3D Printing and the Engineering Office

This post reviews Z Corporation’s 3D printers and their applicability for use within the engineering office and design prototyping.

3D CAD Model Transmission

ST in NX: It’s not about Direct Modeling

For me, today started like just about any other day. To get up to speed, I check my stream of tweets, LinkedIn updates and Facebook updates from people I’m following as well as the RSS feed from the blogs I follow. That’s when I saw a blog post that caught my eye, titled summarizing PTC’s …

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3D CAD Model Turbine

Rapidform: Modernizing Reverse Engineering

Does it ever feel to you like there’s a disconnect between the reality in engineering and what’s most capturing the most buzz in the industry? Based on what you hear, you might think that engineering has gone to a completely digital process where nothing is prototyped until the last second in the design phase. But …

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3D CAD Model Wind Electricity Generator

Inventor Fusion: Direct Modeling the Autodesk Way

Direct Modeling. Seems like every other day there’s another announcement about it from a software provider. Some time ago, Autodesk joined the fray when they developed something called Fusion in the Autodesk labs. Curious about what exactly it would offer, I hopped on the phone with Rob Cohee, Evangelist for Autodesk Manufacturing (twitter @robcohee) and Garin Gardner, Product Manager for Inventor, to get a little bit better acquainted with it. Here’s what I found and my perspective on it.

Solidworks and Gräbert: The Promise of a New Engineering Tool?

Back in June 2010, Dassault Systèmes launched the beta version of DraftSight, which is actually developed by a german software provider called Gräbert. Then in February 2011, the beta ended and the general release of DraftSight was made available (press release). Of note is that this software is a free download. Also, Dassault Systèmes launched a social networking website based on their SwYm architecture to build up a community around DraftSight. And finally, Gräbert, the developers of DraftSight, announced in January 2011 the launch of a DraftSight app store (press release).