Solution Reviews

What’s New in Siemens NX?

What’s the little secret found in the latest releases of Siemens NX? It has to do with automation. Let’s talk about that next. If you’ve been keeping track, Siemens has moved to a more frequent release schedule for NX.  Since they’ve made that transition over, they’ve out with a lot of interesting capabilities including usability …

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Altair One: Consolidating Simulation, Analytics, and HPC for the Expert Analyst

High-performance computing (HPC). Artificial intelligence (AI). Machine learning (ML). The cloud.  Individually, these transformative technologies pack a powerful punch. Now, some companies are combining them with simulation to revolutionize product development.  Continuing Platformification of Solutions Many of today’s simulation and data analytics tools are experiencing “platformification,” where traditional desktop applications are broken down into separate …

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What is Enventive?

We know that for mechanical design tolerance stack-up analysis is really important for quality in manufacturing. It also has an impact on performance. This is where Enventive can really make a difference.


Technical documentation is a space where you’re creating instructions, such as assembly instructions, service instructions, or web experiences, which is an area it has expanded into now.

Do we really need a new solution for technical documentation? Let’s take a look at Cadasio.

Actify: Do we Need Specific Solutions for Automotive Program Management?

Do we need a specific solution for automotive program management? In this post, we discuss the three phases of automotive program management and Actify’s solution for each area.

What is CassiniPLM?

Do we really need another PLM solution? Let’s talk about CassiniPLM. First, it’s a cloud solution. There’s a lot of advantages that come along with that. Cassini is a PLM solution that lives in the cloud. You get the natural advantages that come with the cloud. Let’s revisit those benefits real quick.

Siemens’ Solutions for Embedded Software: What is Capital VSTAR?

Siemens has expanded its solution to cover embedded software. In this point, we discuss virtual verification and Siemens’ Capital VSTAR solution.

What is Modelon Impact?

What is Modelon Impact and how is it different? If you’ve been working on system simulations for any amount of time, you’re probably familiar with Modelon. They’ve offered this library of components that you can use for system simulations for quite some time. They’re really well known for the accuracy of those components, which obviously …

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Solution Landscape for Digital Twin and Digital Thread

All companies are managing a digital thread today. In our series on managing the digital thread for smart, connected products, we are discussing the digital thread and related concepts and the solutions that help manage it. Let’s discuss the solution providers who offer something of value related to the digital twin and the digital thread. …

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