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3D CAD Model Transaxle

Validation Grows in Credibility at 3D Collaboration and Interoperability Congress

  “Users who participate in standards committee deliberations must be patient,” Jackson added. “Solution providers have to incorporate capabilities into future releases of their software to support these new standards. Users sometimes wait for years to see a definition they helped create implemented in the software applications, if it is implemented at all.” Real progress, …

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The Implications of the Cloud for Simulation

All that compute power is enticing, right? It’s a great story. But there’s just one big problem: getting your simulation model into the cloud. And that wouldn’t be a problem if these simulation models weren’t quite so humongous. I mean, you wouldn’t need all that compute power if these simulations were easy to solve, right? …

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What is Mechanical Computer Aided Manufacturing (MCAM)?

The Misnomer of Feature-Based Machining

Ever heard of COFES, which stands for Congress on the Future of Engineering Software? Its an event out in Phoenix AZ held by Cyon Research that aims to bring together folks that are media, industry analyst, software provider and users to talk about where computer aided technology is heading.

3D CAD Model Rotor and Housing

Is Feature-Based Modeling Now Obsolete?

Gone off the rails have I? Well, even if you think I am crazy, I still think its a fair question to ponder. Even if only for a moment. Hear me out and you might even agree.Over the past three months here at, I’ve hosted three separate webinars on design topics. Back on March 19th, we kicked things off with Clean Sheet Design where we looked at how CAD did or didn’t support new design efforts. On April 16th, we looked at how CAD supports Desig…

Mitigating the Legacy Data Risk to PLM Deployments

Deploying PLM or PDM? Heh. That’s literally a whole different class of software. Many things can go horribly wrong along the way to a go-live date. If you’re leading the deployment of such a system, be ready. There will be surprises along the way. What surprises? Well, let’s discuss.

What is Mechanical Computer Aided Manufacturing (MCAM)?

Features or Direct Modeling: Which is Better for Mold and Tool Design?

Do you remember when 3D solid modeling hit the market? I guess it started a little over 15 years ago. You had parameters that would drive changes in features that would, in turn, manipulate product geometry. Drawings updated automatically. It was pretty amazing at the time. Now, do you remember when the movement came to mold and tool design? The picture painted back then was equally amazing. Apply some global shrinkage or other tweaks, subtract the product geometry to create the cavity and crack that mold. Presto: you were done.
Guest post hosted by Siemens PLM.

Systems Simulation: Far-off Future or Feasible Now?

Move over multi-physics. There’s now a different field that qualifies as the bleeding edge of technology in simulation: system simulation. Many organizations are just starting to broach this field in an effort to better understand how systems perform holistically.

Will Machinists Capitalize on the PMI Opportunity?

Am I talking about some far off technological leap for machinists? Actually, no. There’s a movement occurring right now that promises some value for machinists. In the 3D Collaboration and Interoperability study I am conducting right now, 40.2% of respondents are creating 3D models with Product and Manufacturing Information (PMI).

PDM: Boon or Plague?

Wow. So PDM is a hot topic now, eh? Over the past few weeks, we’ve had our Tech4PD episode on PDM for small organizations and a slew of blog posts on the topic. While there’s a lot of content out there to browse through on PDM, one post got my attention this week from… *drumroll*… Oleg Shilovitsky from Autodesk.