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Three Key Design and Manufacturing Insights from Autodesk University 2022

Autodesk University 2022 kicked off on September 27th in New Orleans. Our Senior Analyst, Arvind Krishnan attended the event. At the event, Andrew Anagnost, CEO of Autodesk, shared his vision for the future. The following are the takeaways and observations that Arvind had throughout the event.  Autodesk Fusion Cloud Platform for Design and Manufacturing Andrew …

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The Software Aspects of Additive Manufacturing (AM) and the Role Oqton Plays In The Go-Forward Vision for 3D Systems

The Software Aspects of Additive Manufacturing (AM) and the Role Oqton Plays In The Go-Forward Vision for 3D Systems

Oqton and additive manufacturing are a powerful combination that improves product design and achieves high ROI on 3D printer investments.

Computer Aided Engineering Trends: Digital Twin

Lifecycle Insights CEO and Chief Analyst Chad Jackson and Industry Analyst Arvind Krishnan discussed the latest computer aided engineering trends. Here’s the transcript from their discussion: Chad Jackson: Hey everybody. Thanks for joining us today. We’re going to be talking about digital twins and what’s been going on in different events. This will be an …

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An Advanced Approach for E/E Systems Development

Clients and consumers are demanding smart, connected features. These demands make developing electrical / electronic systems a must and more complex. Many companies are revisiting their development processes with new approaches. In this post, we cover some key components in a progressive design approach to E/E systems.

Simulation-Driven Design: Feasible or Fallacy?

Today’s engineers are in a tight spot. From smartphones to conveyor belts and coffee pots, today’s products are increasingly complex. They often meld mechanical and electrical functions with software code. To meet performance requirements, engineers must take many more factors into account during design than ever before. And, of course, do it fast while keeping costs low.

Three Trends Reshaping Mechanical Design

We’re on the verge of a state change in mechanical design. There are emerging technologies that are going to make a huge impact and open up a lot of new possibilities in terms of design.

The big lever that mechanical engineers have been pulling today to control their designs for components has been macro geometry. The primary mechanism for mechanical engineers to fulfill requirements, hit performance targets and fulfill costs have been geometric shape. That’s been limiting.

Manufacturing Blog: Generative Design and Engineering Jobs

Good design is difficult. And with demands for more complex products, shorter schedules, and lower costs, it is only going to get harder.

These demands leave engineers with little or no opportunity for innovation. Fortunately, though, new and novel engineering tools could help you address these challenges. In this blog post, we’ll explore one of them: Generative design, artificial intelligence-based engineering software that has already begun to accelerate and disrupt the traditional design processes.

Digital Twins of production systems. 1D? 3D? What is the best fit?

Commissioning production systems is no easy task. The effort is complex. The schedule is short. Everyone wants to minimize downtime in facilities and plants. Getting a head start on commissioning through virtual methods instead of waiting for physical hardware is a step in the right direction. However, when it comes to the tactics of virtual commissioning, there are multiple options. Some organizations use 1D simulation process models. Others leverage detailed 3D designs with animations. Yet others use combinations of these two approaches. In this post, we’ll take a look at each, identifying the advantages and disadvantages of these different methods.

PTC’s Acquisition of Onshape: Implications for ThingWorx

Are there implications from PTC’s acquisition of Onshape for ThingWorx? Since ThingWorx is already a cloud-based IoT platform, it might not be directly affected. However, in this video, Chad Jackson shares where there are implications with PTC’s other apps running alongside ThingWorx in the cloud.