Research Findings

Average Time Spent on each Step in the Simulation Process

This finding shares the average amount of time spent on each step in the simulation process.

Top Challenges to Conducting Simulations in Detailed Design

This finding reveals the top challenges to conducting simulations during detailed design.

Top Challenges to Conducting Simulations in Concept Design

This finding shares two very different sets of challenges to conducting simulation during concept design: one for those that have adopted it and those that have not.

Design Engineers and Analysts Both Enable Simulation Driven Design

This finding reveals which engineering roles are empowering simulation driven design initiatives.

MCAD Interoperability: Exchange Volume Matters

This finding shows that the processes, procedures and technologies used for design data interoperability varies greatly upon exchange volume.

Tops Methods of Exchanging, Translating and Modifying Design Data

This finding uncovers some concerning methods of exchanging, translating and modifying design data.

Scoping the Design Data Exchange Problem

This finding not only reveals the volume of design data being exchanged by most organization, it also quantifies how time engineers waste per week fixing the resulting broken geometry.

Model Based Enterprise (MBE): How Are Deliverables Used?

This finding reveals the rates at which 3D models are being across a variety of applications across the enterprise.

Model Based Enterprise (MBE): Contract Obligations Drive A&D Adoption

This finding shows the rates at which MBE initiatives are being adopted. It also shows why organizations are pursing them.