Research Findings

Justifying Technology Investment a Top Challenge for Engineering

This finding reveals that justifying technology investments is a top challenge for engineering organizations.

Top Challenges to Adopting Model Based Initiatives

This finding outlines the top challenges to adopting Model Based Initiatives, some of which are surprising.

Average Time Spent Authoring, Clarifying and Amending Documentation

This finding reveals the average amount of time that engineers and machinists spent creating, clarifying and amending documentation.

Problems with Engineering Documentation

This finding identifies the most frequently identified issues that organizations encounter with engineering documentation.

Model Based Enterprise (MBE) Adoption: Lots of Experimentation, Little Commitment

This finding from the MBE study shows that many companies are exploring MBE, but few have fully adopted its practices.

Model Based Enterprise (MBE) Delivers Quantified Value

This finding from the MBE study shows that adoption rates of model based initiatives are low, but the value reaped by those that are pursuing them is high.

Simulations Conducted Within CAD Applications Are Faster

This finding compares the speed at which various simulation steps are executed in CAD embedded and CAD independent software.

Average Time Spent on each Step in the Simulation Process

This finding shares the average amount of time spent on each step in the simulation process.

Top Challenges to Conducting Simulations in Detailed Design

This finding reveals the top challenges to conducting simulations during detailed design.