Research Findings

Insights from Research: Finding and Accessing Information in Engineering

I think we all know that engineers use a lot of different information to make design decisions. And the big question is, how do they find that information, and how do they access it? Well, this year, we conducted some research to look into the answers.

The Impact of System Level Prototype Failures

Anecdotally, we know that failures with system testing are bad. But how does it affect design release? In this video, we review a finding from our research that quantifies the connection.

STEM diversity drives innovation

How is Engineering Documentation Managed Today?

How are companies managing engineering documentation? We break it down in one of our recent studies.

The Failure Rate of Product Development

Today, there are many stumbling blocks in product development. At times, it can feel like your company is failing. But, based on our research, you’re not alone. In this video, we review a finding that gives insight into the success and failure rates of product development.

RFQ Processes and MBDs: Are Suppliers Capable?

Many executives are interested in rolling MBD efforts out to their supply chain. Yet, they have concerns: are the suppliers ready? In this video and post, we share some findings on that topic.

An MBD Cautionary Tale: Underestimating the Benefits

An MBD Cautionary Tale: Underestimating the Benefits

Careful, it is easy to underestimate the benefits of an MBD initiative. This finding looks at the root cause of the miscalculation.

A MBD Cautionary Tale: Overestimating the Benefits

Any successful MBD initiative needs executive buy-in. However, overestimating the benefits of transitioning to MBD is a common mistake, as this finding proves.

Migrating to Fully Annotated Models

Migrating to Fully Annotated Models

Some organizations blindly pursue a Model-Based Definition initiative by trying to take everything traditionally included on a fully annotated drawing and transitioning that to a fully annotated model. That, unfortunately, results in unexpected, and unwanted, results.

Migrating to Minimally Annotated Models

Instead of replicating fully annotated drawings as fully annotated models, some organizations are only minimally annotated their models. Such practices yield a number of benefits.