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The Escalating Complexity of NPI

Companies are trying to keep up with escalating consumer demands. As a result, companies’ new product introduction processes have become more complex.

This is the second in a series of six articles outlining findings from our 2021 NPI and Sourcing study.

Flexibility and Adaptability in Digital Transformation Initiatives

What kind of flexibility and agility do you need in your digital transformations? Our CEO and Chief Analyst Chad Jackson talks through the need for both in this Aras’ post.

The Manager’s Survival Guide to Digital Engineering

Taking a digital engineering approach to manufacturing—one composed of architecture-driven and model-based engineering—offers significant advantages (not to mention tangible benefits both in terms of time and costs). Yet, change is never easy. How can engineering executives ease the transformation? This Survival Guide to Digital Engineering will help create a path to success.

The Manager’s Survival Guide for Architecture-Driven Engineering

Architecture-driven engineering, a relatively new engineering approach where an optimized and validated architecture is developed before detailed design, shows quite a bit of promise in the manufacturing industry. As a result, many organizations are exploring whether this method is a good fit and whether it’s the right place to start their digital engineering initiatives.

Computer Aided Engineering Trends: Digital Twin

Lifecycle Insights CEO and Chief Analyst Chad Jackson and Industry Analyst Arvind Krishnan discussed the latest computer aided engineering trends. Here’s the transcript from their discussion: Chad Jackson: Hey everybody. Thanks for joining us today. We’re going to be talking about digital twins and what’s been going on in different events. This will be an …

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Product Development Startup Secrets for Success

Why should smaller and medium sized companies look at cloud-based PLM solutions? PLM solutions are adding value to all size companies. In this video, we explain why SaaS PLM solutions are a good fit for small to mid-size companies.

Where Does A Digital Transformation Start?

Where do you start and where do you go with your digital transformation? We recently surveyed companies to discover the level of their digital transformation. This video highlights how the most progressive companies are investing heavily in new technologies as a way to empower their efforts.

Big Data and the Engineer

The Internet of Things (IoT) has unleashed a new wave of interconnected products. Almost every company is now switching from traditional, mechanical offerings to smart ones requiring a lot of software, electronics, and electrical systems. But design engineers must go further than simply integrating the right hardware and software into today’s products. As the world …

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Digital Transformation for Product Development

As the capabilities of computers and networks increase, new and better ways to work keep appearing. Change is no longer an occasional disruptive event; it is a constant operational imperative. Digital transformation for product development is more than a path—it is a rewrite of engineering and corporate DNA.

The foundation of digital transformation is the use of a single source of truth that is digital and holistic, encompassing every part of the product development process.