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AI education efforts

Engineering Education Now: AI Education Efforts

Organizations both large and small are making concerted AI education efforts, a crucial goal considering how the reach of AI has recently expanded.

Engineering Education Now: AI and Ethics Coursework

We explored the reasons why some universities have recently created courses that combine AI and computer science with ethics in our last post. More than ever, ensuring that artificial intelligence (AI) is fair, accountable, and transparent is critical. AI and Ethics Coursework: Analyzing the Algorithm It’s important to think out the design of an AI …

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Engineering Education Now: Combining Ethics and AI

Complex algorithms can create inadvertent bias. Universities like Stanford have created new courses that combine computer science and ethics, in an effort to prevent bias from occurring.

Engineering Education’s Weed Out Approach and the STEM Shortfall

Should engineering education change in the context of the STEM shortfall? Specifically, I want to talk about weed-out classes. I remember when I attended the University of Kentucky back in the early 90s. There was a physics 231/232 class that was standard Newtonian physics for mechanical engineers.

Engineering Education Now: AI Algorithms and Their Repercussions

AI has complex repercussions as it weaves itself more and more into our society. Some universities are beginning to address AI education more thoroughly.

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Engineering Education Now: Industry Partnerships

Universities across the United States are investing millions of dollars in innovation centers. These centers are noteworthy for their modern designs and sophisticated equipment. We’ve previously explored how some centers focus on engineering and entrepreneurship, while others focus on blending engineering with other disciplines. Industry Partnerships to Create Innovation Innovation centers focus on partnering with …

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Engineering Education Now: Encouraging Entrepreneurship

An entrepreneurial mindset can be a valuable skill for engineers. Universities are therefore building innovation centers where entrepreneurship is encouraged.

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Engineering Education Now: Creating Innovation

Engineers are now expected to have a multi-disciplinary knowledge base. Universities are responding by building innovation centers where different disciplines can collaborate.

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Engineering Education Now: Active Learning Through Real-World Problem Solving

We explore the topic of active learning through real-world problem solving, and how some universities employ this. Active learning has been shown to yield better results than typical lecture classes.