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Engineering Education Now: The CIO Role

Of all the positions in the C-suite, the CIO role has been traditionally viewed as the old reliable of tech. But the CIO role has recently undergone a sea change.

Engineering Education Now: What to Consider Before Switching to the Manager Track

Here are a couple of factors engineers should consider if they are thinking about switching from the individual contributor track to the manager track.

Engineering Education Now: How Important are Engineering Managers?

The leaders of Google used data and analytics to discover the traits of good engineering managers and the influence these managers exert on their teams.

Houston Education

Engineering Education Now: the State of Houston Education

The state of Houston education is vibrant and offers many options in the city striving to be the smart city of the world.

Engineering Education Now: Striving to Be the Smart City of the World

Engineering Education Now: Striving to Be the Smart City of the World

Houston is striving to be the smart city of the world through strategic partnerships and key investments in innovation, like the Ion.

The Value of an MBA for Engineers

Engineering Education Now: The Value of an MBA

Entrepreneurially minded engineers can learn how to zero in on what matters to their customers and test their creative concepts by earning an MBA degree.

hybrid skill set

Engineering Education Now: A Hybrid Skill Set Puts You on Top

A hybrid skill set of both hard and power skills is highly prized by employers today. An advanced degree can help engineers acquire these skills.

Power Skills are Vital

Engineering Education Now: The Importance of Power Skills

Companies and business leaders are reevaluating the skills critical to employee success and finding that power skills are vital.

Diversity in STEM

Engineering Education Now: Diversity in STEM

Diversity in STEM continues to be a goal that STEM departments in universities across the country strive to achieve.