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Becoming a Mentor

Engineering Education Now: Becoming a Mentor

Harvard Business Review recently observed the shortage of mentors. Becoming a mentor is a great way to pay it forward while broadening your skill set.

Finding a Mentor

Engineering Education Now: Finding a Mentor

Developing a mentor relationship benefits any engineer. Having a mentor is perhaps the most powerful way to gain insight into your decision making.

Chief Innovation Officer

Engineering Education Now: The Chief Innovation Officer

The role of the Chief Information Officer has changed so radically some believe it should be renamed, to the Chief Innovation Officer (CINO)

Engineering Education Now: The Chief Digital Officer

The Chief Digital Officer accelerates digital transformation initiatives, optimizing the customer’s digital experience and improving customer engagement.

Engineering Education Now: The Chief Transformation Officer

A synergy creator, the Chief Transformation Officer asks important questions and manages the company’s change journey.

Engineering Education Now: the Chief Technology Officer

As products become more and more infused with technology, the C-suite’s Chief Technology Officer role only becomes more key.

Engineering Education Now: The CIO Role

Of all the positions in the C-suite, the CIO role has been traditionally viewed as the old reliable of tech. But the CIO role has recently undergone a sea change.

Engineering Education Now: What to Consider Before Switching to the Manager Track

Here are a couple of factors engineers should consider if they are thinking about switching from the individual contributor track to the manager track.

Engineering Education Now: How Important are Engineering Managers?

The leaders of Google used data and analytics to discover the traits of good engineering managers and the influence these managers exert on their teams.