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Smart Manufacturing: How to Acquire the Engineering Skills You Need to Succeed

Smart manufacturing benefits engineers and manufacturing workers who have strong data analytics, automation, and digital transformation skills. It gives them a unique opportunity to grow into new and exciting roles that likely offer more prestige and an increase in pay. But how do you acquire the skills you need to succeed?

Becoming a Mentor

Engineering Education Now: Becoming a Mentor

Harvard Business Review recently observed the shortage of mentors. Becoming a mentor is a great way to pay it forward while broadening your skill set.

Finding a Mentor

Engineering Education Now: Finding a Mentor

Developing a mentor relationship benefits any engineer. Having a mentor is perhaps the most powerful way to gain insight into your decision making.

Chief Innovation Officer

Engineering Education Now: The Chief Innovation Officer

The role of the Chief Information Officer has changed so radically some believe it should be renamed, to the Chief Innovation Officer (CINO)

Engineering Education Now: The Chief Digital Officer

The Chief Digital Officer accelerates digital transformation initiatives, optimizing the customer’s digital experience and improving customer engagement.

Engineering Education Now: The Chief Transformation Officer

A synergy creator, the Chief Transformation Officer asks important questions and manages the company’s change journey.

Engineering Education Now: the Chief Technology Officer

As products become more and more infused with technology, the C-suite’s Chief Technology Officer role only becomes more key.

Engineering Education Now: The CIO Role

Of all the positions in the C-suite, the CIO role has been traditionally viewed as the old reliable of tech. But the CIO role has recently undergone a sea change.

Engineering Education Now: What to Consider Before Switching to the Manager Track

Here are a couple of factors engineers should consider if they are thinking about switching from the individual contributor track to the manager track.