Engineering Students in Innovation Center
Electrical and Electronic Design
Amy Jackson

Engineering Education Now: Creating Innovation

Engineers are now expected to have a multi-disciplinary knowledge base. Universities are responding by building innovation centers where different disciplines can collaborate.

Mechanical Design
Chad Jackson

What is Generative Design?

There are a lot of different definitions for Generative Design today. In this post, we provide some clarity on three of those definitions and share

Electrical and Electronic Design
Chad Jackson

The Evolution of PLM at Whirlpool

How do you manage the cultural side of a PLM deployment? Whirlpool gave solid advice as PTC’s Liveworx. I’ve added my commentary to theirs.

IoT Systems Development
Chad Jackson

What is a Virtual Sensor?

Before we dive into virtual sensors, we need to cover some foundational concepts around the Digital Twin. With this technology, you have sensory data that