Engineering Spent Too Much Time on Documentation

There’s a recently recognized but ugly truth about CAD: by the time someone starts to create a 3D model in a CAD application, most of the engineering decisions are made. With that being true, it’s hard to view the development of design documentation as anything other than a non-value add use of an engineer’s time. In short, that’s sums up why these numbers are so concerning. Even in the reality of today’s overworked engineer’s fifty, sixty or seventy hour work week, more than thirty hours a week spent on the creating of design documentation is a lot.

Machinists Have Other Things to Do

Amazing to see just how much time manufacturing roles spend on documentation, either consuming engineering’s deliverables or creating their own. This is a productivity hit that keeps them from delivering parts faster. But the inherent interpretation of drawings results in time troubleshooting issues on the shop floor.