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Requirements Traceability in a MBSE Environment

It’s no surprise that the E/E systems are becoming more complex. Manufacturers are adapting their development approaches to meet the new demands. In this post, we’ll share insights from The Engineering Executives Strategic Agenda Study, the impact complex E/E systems has on processes and product requirements and how to meet and manage these requirements.

Manufacturing in the Pandemic: How to Shift to a Remote Workforce

The pandemic has caused mass disruption for manufacturers. Organizations had to quickly adopt digital work approaches, pivot their business models and adapt to remote work. This post shares how business are making the shift to a remote workforce and new digital initiatives.

An Advanced Approach for E/E Systems Development

Clients and consumers are demanding smart, connected features. These demands make developing electrical / electronic systems a must and more complex. Many companies are revisiting their development processes with new approaches. In this post, we cover some key components in a progressive design approach to E/E systems.

Siemens’ Solutions for Embedded Software: What is Capital VSTAR?

Siemens has expanded its solution to cover embedded software. In this point, we discuss virtual verification and Siemens’ Capital VSTAR solution.

Smart Manufacturing: How to Acquire the Engineering Skills You Need to Succeed

Smart manufacturing benefits engineers and manufacturing workers who have strong data analytics, automation, and digital transformation skills. It gives them a unique opportunity to grow into new and exciting roles that likely offer more prestige and an increase in pay. But how do you acquire the skills you need to succeed?

What is Modelon Impact?

What is Modelon Impact and how is it different? If you’ve been working on system simulations for any amount of time, you’re probably familiar with Modelon. They’ve offered this library of components that you can use for system simulations for quite some time. They’re really well known for the accuracy of those components, which obviously …

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Solution Landscape for Digital Twin and Digital Thread

All companies are managing a digital thread today. In our series on managing the digital thread for smart, connected products, we are discussing the digital thread and related concepts and the solutions that help manage it. Let’s discuss the solution providers who offer something of value related to the digital twin and the digital thread. …

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What’s New in OpenBOM?

What is the latest with the OpenBOM and how does it help procurement work with engineering information?

If you’re not familiar with OpenBOM, it’s a cloud-based application you use through your browser to work with bills of materials.

Use Cases for the Digital Twin: From Planning to Operations

Digital twins are popular across multiple industries. Today, use cases for the digital twin are found throughout a whole range of activities from planning to operation. Digital twins can save time and money for manufacturers. In this post, we walk through several application areas of the digital twin across your products and production systems.