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We are in a new and exciting transformative era in electronic product design. Product design that historically encompassed a variety of applications and most often required a unique specialist for different aspects of design are evolving into product design flows that consider the end product as early as the functional specification. To help navigate and …


Simcenter 3D

What’s New in Simcenter 3D? Simulating Turbomachinery, Drop Tests, and More

Creating accurate complex turbomachinery design simulations is easier than ever with the latest release of Simcenter 3D.

PTC Moves Core Applications to Atlas: What’s the Big Deal?

PTC has announced that their core solutions are going to be migrated over to Atlas, the cloud-based platform that Onshape runs on. What are the implications? What are the opportunities? Well, we’re going to talk about that next. The Implications and Opportunities for PTC Okay, so let’s talk about what are the implications and opportunities …

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Flexibility and Adaptability in Digital Transformation Initiatives

What kind of flexibility and agility do you need in your digital transformations? Our CEO and Chief Analyst Chad Jackson talks through the need for both in this Aras’ post.

The digital twin’s changing role

Manufacturing organizations are increasingly looking to digital twins to save time and money in the product development lifecycle. In this Siemens’ blog post, Chad Jackson discusses how these virtual models of both products and plants help organizations streamline the product development process from design to operation and leverage the symbiotic relationship between plants and products to gain insights that power more informed decisions.

The Manager’s Survival Guide to Digital Engineering

Taking a digital engineering approach to manufacturing—one composed of architecture-driven and model-based engineering—offers significant advantages (not to mention tangible benefits both in terms of time and costs). Yet, change is never easy. How can engineering executives ease the transformation? This Survival Guide to Digital Engineering will help create a path to success.

The Role of the Digital Thread and Digital Twin in Digital Transformation

While the concepts of the digital twin and the digital thread are relatively new to the industry, they have quickly gained traction. In this Siemens’ post, Chad Jackson discusses the roles of both the digital twin and the digital thread in greater digital transformation initiatives.

The Manager’s Survival Guide for Architecture-Driven Engineering

Architecture-driven engineering, a relatively new engineering approach where an optimized and validated architecture is developed before detailed design, shows quite a bit of promise in the manufacturing industry. As a result, many organizations are exploring whether this method is a good fit and whether it’s the right place to start their digital engineering initiatives.

Best Practices for Navigating Your MBD Initiatives

There is no one-size-fits all approach to integrating an MBD into the product design process. In this PTC blog, Chad Jackson offers tips on creating MBDs and ensuring their effective consumption.