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Cloud Technology and Its Influence on Electronics Collaboration

Cloud technology is a big conversation. Let’s break this up into digestible, micro bites and see just how cloud technology is influencing the way we collaborate in the design and manufacturing workspace … or any workspace for that matter. We’ll begin with the first digital communication tool that entered the workforce in the 1990’s: Email.

Empowering Design Simulation in a Multi-CAD World

Engineers are a first-hand witness to the accelerated product development cycles manufacturer’s face today. They have found ways to speed development and ensure products performance, primarily through simulation. Running simulations carries it own set of challenges: working with designs from suppliers that come in a wide array of CAD formats. Let’s review solutions available which

Is There a Cloud on Your ECAD Horizon?

We devote a lot of our resources to participating in conferences, press briefings, and webinars covering innovative and trending solutions designed to help product designers and engineers do their jobs better. Doing that job better translates to improving speed of communication, sharing designs efficiently throughout your supply chain, and producing deliverables without sacrificing quality. Where

The Trends Driving Modular Plant Design

Processing plants must support operations that often require high precision production. Likewise, today’s construction industry is exploring ways to modernize and expedite how these plants are built. Leading the way in meeting that objective is modular plant design. Greater precision definitions are required when building with modules, making Mechanical CAD is the best fit for