The Lifecycle of Systems Simulation

Manufacturers are using systems engineering approaches to mitigate the complexity of developing increasingly sophisticated products. Systems simulation is a key component of such efforts.

The Digital Engineering Approach

Let’s talk about systems development’s full potential, which only results from a comprehensive approach. What are the aspects of a digital engineering approach?

Engineering Co-Design Across Domains

As products get smarter and more interconnected, engineering co-design is more critical than ever. How can you improve your organization’s capacity for co-design?

Effective Embedded Software Development in the Midst of Exploding Complexity

68% of the respondents in our Engineering Executive Strategic Agenda Study reported that the complexity of on-board or embedded software is increasing or increasing greatly, the highest of any engineering domain.

What are some of the key advances in embedded software development that can mitigate the risks of this explosive growth?

What is Enventive?

We know that for mechanical design tolerance stack-up analysis is really important for quality in manufacturing. It also has an impact on performance. This is where Enventive can really make a difference.


Technical documentation is a space where you’re creating instructions, such as assembly instructions, service instructions, or web experiences, which is an area it has expanded into now.

Do we really need a new solution for technical documentation? Let’s take a look at Cadasio.

Actify: Do we Need Specific Solutions for Automotive Program Management?

Do we need a specific solution for automotive program management? In this post, we discuss the three phases of automotive program management and Actify’s solution for each area.

What is CassiniPLM?

Do we really need another PLM solution? Let’s talk about CassiniPLM. First, it’s a cloud solution. There’s a lot of advantages that come along with that. Cassini is a PLM solution that lives in the cloud. You get the natural advantages that come with the cloud. Let’s revisit those benefits real quick.

Managing the Digital Thread for Electrical Systems

The digital thread is not just a popular industry buzzword. It’s a unique communication framework that gives a holistic, integrated view of your product’s data across its components and lifecycle.

How is your organization managing the digital thread today?