Technologies are Pulling the Engineering Specification Apart

Not too long ago, two main deliverables fully described the design of a part: the drawing and the specification. The drawing provided a geometric representation of the part both nominally and from a manufactured tolerance perspective. The specification was a document that acted almost as a catch-all for everything else.

Previously couple of decades, the technologies accustomed to create, as well as allow it to be obsolete, has transformed significantly. Drafting turned into 2D and three dimensional modeling and also the drawing almost bec…

The CAD Upgrade Handbook

To upgrade or not? It’s not simple to answer. This eBook offers a framework which can be used to make such a decision, walking you through the process step-by-step.

Granularity vs. Integration: Requirements Management

As of late, there seems to be a lot of discussion about granular solutions compared to integrated solutions. I wrote about it a few months ago in a post titled Point Solutions, Integrated Solutions and the Granularity Value Proposition. And while discussing it at the highest level does lend a little clarity, it is still …

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The Engineering Manager’s Survival Guide

Today’s engineering managers face a wide variety of challenges. This eBooks provides details on the trends changing engineering, the initiatives engineering managers can take as well as critical enabling technologies.

Keeping Assembly Performance an Afterthought

Poor assembly performance has been a shortcoming of CAD applications for years. This eBook highlights some emerging technologies that directly address this problem.

My Thoughts on System Engineering Capabilities at PlanetPTC 2012

Back in June, I went to PlanetPTC 2012 and got caught up on their new releases and products. One of the major things that captured my attention was their focus on system engineering, which has been getting quite a bit of attention of late in the industry. Here are my thoughts, which was recorded by …

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Closing the Loop on Engineering Notebooks

Since the beginning of the year, I’ve been writing a series of posts on the engineering notebook. More specifically, I’ve been writing about how a variety of technologies used outside engineering could be used to build out a solution for the engineering notebook. Here’s the posts. The Forlorn Engineering Notebook Digital Notebooks for Engineering Digital …

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Arena Solutions PartsList and PDXViewer

Ask some folks in the industry what comes to their mind when you mention concept design, and most would probably start talking about the new 2D sketching and 3D direct modeling capabilities that are making its way into CAD applications. But if you have ever actually done design work as an engineering, you know there …

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The Modern Guide for Technology Change

Training and adoption are critical parts to making sure enabling technologies make a difference. This eBook outlines the important pieces of any training and adoption program.