Concurrent Product Development: Problem Solved or Issue Ignored?

This post reviews the value proposition of Concurrent Product Development, originally powered by CAD, as well as revisits why it is no longer a central topic in the industry.

Tops Methods of Exchanging, Translating and Modifying Design Data

This finding uncovers some concerning methods of exchanging, translating and modifying design data.

3D CAD Model Earth Mover Wireframe

ENOVIA Data Management: Less PDM-ish, More PLM-ish

This post provides details on ENOVIA data management capabilities as well as my perspective on how it can impact an engineering organization’s ability to collaborate.

RTT: Automating Aesthetic Design

For companies where aesthetic design really matters, new tools are required. This post looks closely at the DeltaGen product from the software provider RTT.

Simulation FEA Hyperelastic Seal

What does 3DEXPERIENCE mean for SIMULIA?

Dassault Systemes’ plans for their 3DEXPERIENCE platform has implications for SIMULIA products. This post takes a hard look at what it all means.

2D Synchronous Technology in NX: Overlooked Tech of the Year?

Siemens PLM announced the addition of 2D Synchronous Technologies to NX at PLM Connections in Dallas. This post looks at the capabilities and advantages of this new technology.

TransMagic: A Secret to Enabling Direct Modeling?

CAD translation constantly eats into engineering productivity. This post looks at TransMagic’s tools to enable Direct Modeling modifications of imported geometry.

Scoping the Design Data Exchange Problem

This finding not only reveals the volume of design data being exchanged by most organization, it also quantifies how time engineers waste per week fixing the resulting broken geometry.

Model Based Enterprise (MBE): How Are Deliverables Used?

This finding reveals the rates at which 3D models are being across a variety of applications across the enterprise.