3D CAD Model Rotor

Putting a Finer Point on Multi-CAD

Multi-CAD. Multi-CAD. Multi-CAD. It is all the rage today. You hear about it on webinars. You see it flashed at user conferences. It’s in many an eBook. But the more discussions I see on multi-CAD, the more I wonder if folks are really talking about the same thing. You see, there are many different facets to multi-CAD.

The State of Simulation Driven Design

This report offers insights into the application of simulation during concept and detailed design. Read to understand if you’re ahead, or behind, the industry.

Simulations Conducted Within CAD Applications Are Faster

This finding compares the speed at which various simulation steps are executed in CAD embedded and CAD independent software.

What is MCAE?

Simulations Conducted Within CAD Systems Are Faster, Research Finds

I have always wondered if any advantage that CAD provides to the simulation process could be quantified. Naturally, one would assume that CAD does, in fact, offer some value to simulation efforts. But to my knowledge, that has never been verified. In an effort to solve this mystery, I included several questions on this topic …

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Average Time Spent on each Step in the Simulation Process

This finding shares the average amount of time spent on each step in the simulation process.

Reinventing 2D CAD: Fueling Rapid and Intelligent Layout

Developing 2D layouts is a instrumental part of designing many products. This eBook delves into a new technology that makes such tasks far quicker and simpler.

Reinventing 2D CAD: Empowering Trouble-Free 2D Drawing Change

Dealing with changes to legacy 2D drawings is an onerous, yet required, task. This eBook looks at new technologies dramatically reduce the effort required to change 2D drawing.

Reinventing 2D CAD: Enabling Swift and Smart Design

Designing in 2D is longstanding tradition in engineering. Yet, there have been few technologies in 2D design in years. This eBook focuses on a new technology that drastically improves the speed and ease of 2D design.

3D CAD Model Turbine Exploded

NGRAIN: Realizing 3D-Based Augmented Reality?

In this post, you’ll get an overview of capabilities provided by NGRAIN’s products, which focus on authoring and consuming 3D-based materials, as well as my commentary and analysis.